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The new generation of winegrowers.

Production by Austrian winegrowers and fruit producers is becoming increasingly significant. What used to be seen primarily as a regional strength has now long since become an industry exporting outside Austria's borders. Above all, the new generation of winegrowers is creating a stir internationally, through high-quality wines as well as innovative marketing.

With the growth in production and exports, so your requirements in terms of strategic direction and business optimization are also growing. Furthermore, as an agricultural producer, you will be confronted with a number of particularities such as the various levels of flat-rate income tax (Teil-/Vollpauschalierung). We have been dealing with all of these topics for many years, applying our experience and specialist knowledge. By relying on us, you will be free to devote your energies to production operations, to quality, and to innovation. The rest you can leave to us.

Our wide range of services, in three words.

specialized. informed. personalized.

Practical export guide for winegrowers paying flat-rate income tax.

Planning to sell to a business based in the EU or in a third country? Then we can provide you with the right practical guide. 


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