Benjamin Baudisch

"The opportunity to help build up a business division was, of course,
very attractive for me right from the start."

Benjamin Baudisch
Age 29, Consultant in the Financial Advisory Services Line,
Benjamin's hobbies are cycling, nature, cooking as well as friends and family. 

Mr. Baudisch, what sort of work do you do on a daily basis?

I am currently working in the area of financial advisory services and I am allowed to help develop our Consulting GmbH in Austria. For example, I take part in kick-off meetings with our clients; we explore the production facilities together, talk to the relevant department heads and obtain all the necessary information for our analyses. The opportunity to help build up a business division was very attractive for me right from the start.

How is a new division developed?

Since our branch in Vienna is relatively small, I more or less "stumbled" into the first large project right at the start. As a small team we have a start-up attitude and we can really be creative. On the other hand, we enjoy the benefit of being part of a large network. Of course, this makes it a bit easier to set up the division. In my job you get to know manufacturing companies, service providers and companies from various industries and their processes. This gives me a lot continuous input, which is extremely exciting at the same time.

How did you come to work for Mazars?

I worked for a medium-sized consulting firm in Munich, but at the time I lived in Vienna and commuted on a weekly basis. Of course this was not the best option in the long run. That's why I asked around and heard about Mazars. I was particularly impressed by the flat hierarchies. For example, I work together with my senior partner every day, which is not something you would take for granted in many other companies. In addition, our team is very young and dynamic - everyone has the same goal. That's what I found so attractive.

What is the distinctive feature in the cooperation at Mazars?

Although the long days are challenging us and we have to be focused in our work, there is always time for a few jokes. The most important thing is that we really can rely on each other, be conscientious in our work and have a sense of being connected with the projects. The hierarchies are flat and all partners always have an open ear. With this horizontal contact, the working atmosphere is very pleasant and you learn new things every day. Of course, it was a really good feeling when the first project in the new company was finished. On such occasions or birthdays we also like to stand together and toast with a glass. In the evening we occasionally go out somewhere together. These experiences create a good team spirit and bond us together.