Herbert Mayrhofer

"We work well together, each individual plays an important role. We have to be able to rely on each other. First and foremost, we are human beings."

Herbert Mayrhofer 
Age 39, Manager, Head of Accounting & Outsourcing
Herbert's hobby is his family.

Mr. Mayrhofer, what sort of work do you do on a daily basis?

I am head of the Business Line Accounting & Outsourcing in Austria. In this function I am responsible for 10 employees and I look after our customers in the classic areas of bookkeeping, accounting and payroll administration.

What is the biggest challenge in your job?

The biggest challenge is meeting the high customer requirements. This requires effective time management and above all good listening skills to really understand the clients' problems.

What in your opinion speaks for a career at Mazars Austria?

Our business is certainly challenging, and we address this fact from the very first contact with new colleagues. But you can learn a lot in a short time. We pay overtime accordingly, offer training and attractive career opportunities. We try to reward commitment, solution-oriented work and good ideas as far as possible. In addition, we also give employees the credit when there is praise from clients. Also to illustrate that daily work is valuable - for clients and for ourselves. 

You've been with Mazars for over 12 years. What has changed in that time?

The industry itself hasn't changed all that much, apart from the fact that new technologies are always coming along. In Vienna we are still a small team. We very much like this claim - international activity with local roots. There is a cosmopolitan spirit, which we still have today and which we would like to convey to new colleagues. 

How would you describe the cooperation in your team?

"We work well together, each individual plays an important role. We have to be able to rely on each other. But first and foremost, we are human beings. This means that even if something goes wrong, the individual is not accused. We carry the responsibility together and we don't abandon anyone. No one should be afraid or hide mistakes. The best thing to do is to talk openly. This way we work on a solution with professionalism.  

Do you have a message for people interested in a career at Mazars?

We are interested in what we have in common - not what separates us. We work together, not against each other. We regard ourselves as global citizens. We want to make a positive contribution - not only to the development of Mazars, but also to global development.