Olivia Ruzicka

"For me personally, the training opportunities are very important. Mazars has a lot to offer here; they invest in the staff training.

Olivia Ruzicka  
Age 25, Office Assistant 
Olivia's hobbies are traveling, meeting friends and family. 

Ms Ruzicka, what was your first impression of Mazars Austria? 

My first impression was that all my colleagues were pleasant and communicative. Our secretarial team is relaxed and friendly. If you're new to the team, you can ask anything - again and again if you have to. We help each other.

What is important for your personal career planning?

The training opportunities are the most important thing for me. Mazars has a lot to offer here; they invest in the staff training. I also find the challenges and tasks our company offers very exciting. To use English as a business language on a daily basis was new for me in the beginning. I think this international spirit is great; and it's not something you find everywhere in our line of business. Speaking French is an advantage for new employees although it's not compulsory.

How are your working hours arranged at Mazars?

I usually work conventional office hours. If there's anything more to do, I'll just stay a bit longer. But then I can leave earlier on another day, after consultation with the team. Here we support each other and make our working hours flexible.

In your opinion, which three adjectives best describe Mazars as an employer?

Diverse, international and helpful.