Raphaela Pöttinger

"In addition to studying commercial law, I work 20 hours a week at Mazars. Working hours are generally flexible, as is holiday planning."

Raphaela Pöttinger
Age 23, Assistant in the Tax Service Line
Raphaela's hobbies are sports, watching serials and cooking.

Ms Pöttinger, how did you come to work for Mazars Austria?

I am studying commercial law at the University of Economics and Business in Vienna. Towards the end of my bachelor's degree I wanted to gain some professional experience. A friend drew my attention to the possible position at Mazars Austria. After a very pleasant interview I accepted the job immediately. The whole team came up to me and gave me a really warm welcome.

Is professional practice different from your study of commercial law?

It's like a ratio of 1 to 1000. In my studies, for example, I was really interested in tax law. I feel just a bit different about it now (laughs). All in all, you naturally get much closer to the material in actual practice. You come to understand connections and learn strategic approaches. You can also feel the international character in the daily activities. I file advance VAT returns for well-known foreign companies operating in Austria. Daily contact with colleagues from other countries is therefore routine. I also gain impressions of other structures and ways of working.

How do you manage study and career in terms of time?

In addition to studying commercial law, I work 20 hours a week at Mazars. I can decide my working hours freely after consultation with the team. Therefore, I try to work more during the holidays so as to have more time for lectures and exams during the semester. Working hours are largely flexible, as is holiday planning. Overall, I really like our working atmosphere. Besides, all the departments help together. And that's great. 

What moments do you like to remember?

Honestly, lunch breaks. (laughs) They're really great here. We order food together; and in the summer we sit out on the terrace. In addition, our bosses are very keen on team events - this also includes the Austrian festivals known as “Kirtage” or other celebrations. At times like these, we talk about private things. Of course, I always like to remember these things. I really do feel very at home here.