102 - Beyond the GAAP - 07+08-2016

The IASB’s major projects are drawing towards their
conclusion. Since 2014, the IASB has published standards on
revenue, financial instruments and leases, and it is expected
to complete the Insurance Contracts project and the
Conceptual Framework by the end of 2017.
We now turn to the European endorsement process and the
work of enforcers. IFRS 15 and IFRS 9 are scheduled for
endorsement by the European Commission before the end
of the year, and ESMA has published recommendations for
disclosures on the IFRS 15 transition process. A similar
publication relating to IFRS 9 is expected.
In addition to its major projects, the IASB is continuing with
its maintenance of existing standards. In this issue, Beyond
the GAAP focuses on the proposed amendments to IFRS 3
following the Post-implementation Review of the Business
Combinations standard.
Welcome back and happy reading!