At Mazars we believe in the fundamental importance of the audit process as an essential source of assurance for our clients and for the business community as a whole.

Our Audit practice in Vienna provides financial audit services whilst prioritising the role of the auditor as an objective safeguard for the shareholder. Indeed, we are convinced this is a cornerstone of the financial system and markets. Economic scandals and steadily increasing regulatory demands have all increased the complexity of business. Despite this, the fundamental relationships and responsibilities in business remain unchanged.

Legal Audits

Legal audits are historically our core expertise at Mazars. Our audit teams will check that your accounting and financial information maintains consistency and transparency. We focus on your industry-specific requirements – your strategy, operations and finances – in order to ensure in depth knowledge of your business and stakes and establish a long-term working relationship.

Our performance spectrum includes:

  • National and international annual audits
  • Audit of annual financial statements compiled according to national and international accounting principles (local Austrian-GAAP, IAS-IFRS)
  • Limited reviews of intermediary settlements
  • Audits of mergers and other changes of a company’s legal form
  • Audit of foundation of an enterprise
  • Other audits of selected accounting area

To further enhance the level of compliance with International Standards on Auditing, we have successfully adapted the use of AUDITsoft Mazars’ internally developed audit software, in our audit assignments. Our approach is thorough, efficient and tailored to your business.


Contractual Audits

You may need to present your firm’s financial information for a business transaction, for example, an acquisition.

Our specialists will carry out these audits independently to make sure that you meet the demands of regulators and the expectations of the market - but also to optimise your financial reporting. We tailor contractual assignments to meet your needs, for example:

  • Providing pro forma accounts and optimised financial information,
  • Processing accounts for complex transactions (financing, outsourcing),
  • Converting your financial statements to IFRS standards,
  • Preparing and reviewing ‘carve-out’ financial statements,
  • Drafting manuals of accounting principles.

We help you to react quickly to changes in regulations.
 Because of our prominent market presence and our involvement within international accounting standard setting bodies, we have insights into and are aware of any changes in accounting regulations at a very early stage. This means we react quickly and help adapt your accounts to meet these new regulations in order to maintain the trust of investors and optimise risk management.
 At Mazars, our experts in professional standards and regulations will support you as you get used to new accounting principles. We offer you:

  • Updates in changes to regulations,
  • Analysis of new guidelines and their impact on your organisation,
  • Assistance in producing regulatory statements,
  • Forecasting.

We publish a newsletter, enabling you to follow recent evolutions and trends in regulatory issues.

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